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A traditional Thai wedding is as rich as the country’s ancient rituals and customs which attract couples from all over the world. The traditional Thailand wedding is performed in the ceremonious way that their ancestors did, both in rural and urban areas of the country. The wedding takes place and several ceremonies performed throughout the entire day with on going celebrations. Many foreigners fly to Thailand to marry in a traditional Thai wedding ceremony.

Traditional Thai Wedding: The Morning Ritual

The actual marriage is legalized through the registration at the Amphur Office, a traditional Thai wedding ceremony starts early in a morning. The morning ritual comprises of a procession lead by the groom with his family to the house of the bride or wedding venue. This part of a traditional Thai wedding is for offering gifts and tokens to the bride and her relatives. Most perform the ritual before the wedding day as a proposal ceremony and to pay tribute to the bride’s family and to her ancestors. The succeeding part is to offer foods to the monks welcomed to bless the couple. Next, the couples and the relatives make virtue to place the traditional Thai wedding as a prosperous one.

Traditional Thai Wedding: The Gate and the Shell Ceremony

The “Gate” or “Door” as it is known in part of the ceremony is the enjoyable but integral part of a traditional wedding. The sisters and other female family members of the bride guard the way for the groom to enter the bride’s house with a “Silver” gate and then a “Gold” gate. The ladies hold a silver and golden ribbon, thread or chain and let the groom traverse when he offers them with a substantial amount of money. This ritual in a traditional wedding stands for the potential of the groom for the bride. The following ceremony is often taken as the main event of a traditional Thai wedding and that is know as the “Shell” ceremony. Here all the family members of the couple pour holy water blessed by the monks using a conch on the hands of the couple to purify and bless their tie. When the “Shell” ceremony ends in a traditional Thai wedding, it is nearly the end of the day. Then the evening party commence with cutting the wedding cake in urban areas of the country. In the rural areas of the country, the traditional Thai wedding is quite simple yet enjoyable. The celebration continues with music, dance and all the other fun activities. The celebrations of a traditional Thai wedding implicate all the guests and normally last into the late hours of the night.

Traditional Thai Wedding: The Bridal Bed and Closing Customs

The last custom for a traditional Thailand wedding is the preparation of the “Bridal Bed”. When the newly joined couple enters their sleeping quarters, they find an old married couple sitting on their bed with tokens of prosperity and fertility. This practice in a traditional Thai wedding is to pass on their fruitful married life’s spirit to the new couple. Among the final rituals of a traditional Thai wedding, presenting the bride’s family with “sinsod” or dowry is a major one. This is done to show the groom’s capability.

There are to be some additions and exclusions in a traditional Thailand wedding, but the basics stay the same to celebrate the couple’s new life together. Although most couples are farangs who book through our website wish the principle to be the same with the monks blessing to keep a Thai approach to the ceremony.

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Please enquire about a wedding ceremony with your requirements and your budget and our support team will respond to your request in a timely manor. New Koh Chang Villas thanks you for your interest and hopes you enjoy your special occasion on Koh Chang.

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